News is a Danish biotech company, dedicated to the development of innovative treatment for CNS diseases.
Our people

The management

Peter Popowicz, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Peter Popowicz is a highly experienced healthcare executive with a strong track record of delivering commercial excellence in the pharmaceutical industry, covering product launches, turnarounds and pricing and access.

He has a longstanding experience as General Manager Northern Europe  for LEO Pharma, Pfizer Denmark and Sanofi Pasteur and has been Country Manager for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Czech and Slovakia as well as leading cross-country teams.

Popowicz brings a broad experience in both mass diseases and specialized markets as well as vaccines and biological products.

Investor Relations and Media
There are considerable unmet medical needs and therefore major commercial opportunities in both multiple sclerosis and other CNS diseases, currently with no efficient treatment. Subsequently, there are major additional potentials in ALS, Parkinson’s disease, depression and other CNS and autoimmune diseases.

There is established proof of concept in rodent disease models (mouse and rats) with potent results for treatment in MS, depression, Parkinson’s disease, and ALS. MIQ-001 has been tested in toxicology studies and in phase 1 clinical trials, with human volunteers with excellent results.